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Keep Looking...

Yesterday Stephanie, our daughter Greta and I went for a hike to Soco Falls which is located between Maggie Valley and Cherokee, NC (Maverick our dog came, too). Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we ‘climbed’ at Soco Falls. Though it’s literally less than a stone’s throw from the car, it IS a bit of a climb down and back up – complete with ropes to pull yourself along while you slip here and there on the trail covered with mist from the falls. I rather imagine that there have been more than just a couple of legs or arms broken in that gorge.

And I must say, what a glorious wonder it was to see. Not only were there two water falls, but the woods in which they are set were ablaze with color. Yes, fall is at its peak! It’s been a number of years since I’d seen fall foliage in all its glory. And seeing those colors at the falls (and outside my living room window), I am quickly reminded why this is my favorite season of the year.

This short, but somewhat taxing, climb/hike has reminded me how important it is to ‘keep looking’. If took a nap all afternoon and didn’t go on this mini-adventure, I’d have robbed myself of the pure joy I experienced. This also reminds me that I am wise when I keep looking at life in its completeness. If I fail to do that, I will miss seeing many of the beautiful things God does along the way in life.

While many are disappointed in God because He didn’t do ‘this’ or ‘that’, the truth is, God is blessing all who call on His name. It doesn’t mean life will be a breezy walk in the park, but it does mean that He will come alongside us to get us through this life into that place where I believe colors (and life itself) will be more vibrant and vivid than any we see or experience this side of heaven.

Yes, I need to keep looking…every day.