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My favorite author and illustrator has always been Tasha Tudor

With fall at its peak here in the mountains of western North Carolina colored in glorious red, orange and gold I am reminded of this delightful children’s book. Written and illustrated by an eclectic New Englander who had a penchant for creating enduring stories in which her beloved corgis take center stage. Tasha Tudor fills every page with delightful characters from her farm in New Hampshire dressed for the Corgiville Fair.

This book is fantastic in so many ways!

First, the watercolor illustrations are gorgeous done in the muted color palate so familiar to lovers of her work. Reminiscent of Beatrice Potter, Tasha Tudor brings the New England landscape of her home to life.

Second, Tasha Tudor was known to paint at her kitchen table by a large fireplace dressed in vintage clothing where she created realistic and adorable characters that children have loved for decades. Little jackets for her corgi and his friends bring a sense of familiarity and family to her pictures.

Third, children and parents can spend hours together looking for and finding countless animals and objects painted into every scene. Rabbits with baskets, corgis in cradles, and pigs pulling wagons adorn every page. Finding, laughing and explaining to young readers is a joy with this book.

Lastly, as a parent, grandparent, illustrator and art instructor I appreciate the attention to detail Tasha Tudor has taken to tell this lively story.

I encourage you to pick up a copy from your neighborhood library, pack up some fresh apple cider and donuts, grab a blanket and the children and head outside to enjoy a glorious fall day with Corgiville Fair!