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Time for Bed

It’s finally done, printed, and ready to purchase. My latest illustrated children’s book, Time for Bed.

This was another lengthy process of editing and working with a printing house. I’ll talk at length in future blogs about my experience with all that. But right now, I want to glow in the reflection of the sweet illustrations.

This story began as a lullaby. That’s right, a song. Many years ago, my husband and I were leaving Florida (for the first time) to trek back up north to continue our educations. During that move, our three-year-old son developed a serious infection. When we arrived in Pennsylvania, he was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia and strep throat. Ten days is a long time to sit with a sick child who is not crazy about the oxygen tent all around his crib. During one of those long nights, I hummed a tune, added some lyrics and sang to him. He loved it instantly. It has become a family favorite, sung to our four children and six grands.

My daughters recorded the lullaby and it will be available as a download soon. You can also plunk out the tune on a piano following the score at the end of the book.

The story is one all mothers of adventurous children can relate to. It’s time for bed, the sun is setting, but there is always one more thing to look at, catch, or play with. This little boy is much like my son with pockets filled with treasures and a dog at his side. I encourage you to read this with your child and take a minute to look around their room for treasure from their world. They can have quite a story to tell!