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A Heritage

Hunting for hidden eggs is one of the most pleasant memories of Easter. Grandparents, parents,and churches hide millions of plastic eggs filled with candy and toys inside and outside for children of all ages to find.There are decorated baskets, sand pails, and egg cartons to put them in. There is squealing, laughter, and some tears as the children run wildly through the wet grass in search of the perfect egg.

Why an egg? It is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, the Three in One. It is what we celebrate at Easter. Take a moment, when the children have settled down and are opening their treasures, to explain the real reason for this family tradition. An egg has three separate parts: shell, white, and yolk. Three separate parts making one egg. The Trinity is like that too, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three separate parts making one True God. A mystery for sure! Share the heritage of your faith this Easter with a child!