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Childhood Memories

A childhood favorite for over 50 years! I was a little girl, sprawled on the floor with my sisters and baby brother watching this children's classic October special on a black and white T.V. We watched it every year, as did my children, and now my grandchildren. We root for Charlie Brown to kick the football, we love the scene where he gets "a rock" in his treat bag, we laugh at Snoopy bobbing for apples and pretending to be an ACE pilot. When I visited France I was struck by the rolling countryside and low hanging clouds of blue and gray watercolor. Now when I see a cloudy fall day I often say, "It's a Charlie Brown day!" This is also a special book because the author, Charles M Schulz is a distant relative of my husband's family in Nebraska and while he got none of the artistic or storytelling talent, other Schulz children did. Don't miss this delightful childhood classic!

* original bookcover from 1966